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Adventure sport companies, enthusiasts and organizations are well-connected on the Net

Compiled by Wes Modes

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These are a few of the clubs and organizations that deal at all with urban adventure. Many of the big adventure sport outfitters, gyms and equipment manufacturers also are online.

Infiltration--"the zine about going places you're not supposed to go." This site is just too good to be true. A very well-made site that pulls together experience, gossip, how-to, and advice about sneaking around. The only site I've found on the net that has a true appreciation for nooks and crannies. site for those who feel hemmed in and hen-pecked by the rules and restrictions of our over-protective, authoritarian western society. It is for everyone who wants to break out, thumb their nose at authority, and fart in the general direction of governments, corporations and convention. Information on just about every type of artificial chamber or tunnel there is: Drains, bridge rooms, gas pipeline tunnels, disused sewage tunnels and many unnamable tunnels under the city. Photos, stories, safety.

Cacophony Society Archives--"A randomly gathered network of free spirits united in the pursuit of experiences beyond the pale of mainstream society."


Newsgroups provide an open forum for people to discuss a subject, such as the merits of new climbing technology or techniques.

rec.climbing--Climbing techniques, competition bulletins, etc. beneath college campuses.

rec.skate--Ice skating and roller skating. skating. roller skating.

alt.skate-board--All aspects of skateboarding.

rec.bicycles.misc--General discussion of bicycling.

rec.bicycles.rides--Tours and training or commuting routes.

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