Hopping Freight Trains in America

By Duffy Littlejohn

    Duffy Littlejohn here, author of "Hopping Freight Trains in
America."  Hard to believe how interest in hoboing has mushroomed.

    I'm writing to let you know that "Hopping Freights" has been
reprinted, updated with a new Foreword, and available for all
sportspeople.  The first 4,000 copies sold out in early 2001.
I was hoping you might mention the book on your site.

    Here's the deal:

    Price:  $14.95 (personal checks, money orders, bank checks, 
            but no plastic)
    S&H:  $3.95 U.S. Priority Mail, so $18.90 total
    Address:  C/O (and payable to) Zephyr Rhoades Press
                    P.O. Box 1999
                    Silver City, New Mexico  88062-1999
                    Tel:  (505) 534-1888
                    Fax:  (505) 534-2888
                    E-mail:  dlittlejohnZRP@zianet.com

    The piece was out of print for almost a year, but now I have
6600 brand-spanking new copies and would love to get them into
the many interested peoples' hands.

Duffy Littlejohn.