a collection by wes modes

spoon -- Drop into the Spoon for a cup of coffee and a story. We're here to share stories about our lives, about our travels, about the people we come across. We're giving away bits of ourselves and seeing through other's eyes.

how to sneak around -- One, two, three. I count the steel rungs as I climb below street level. I lower the grate over my head back in place. Four, five, six. My boots squish down on the muddy, leafy floor. I look around. Tunnels disappear in the murky distance in two directions. I am standing 15 feet below the university.

shoplifting 101 -- I've had a long career as a shoplifter, so it seemed ironic that I'd find myself in a department store seeking out a store detective. I stole my first candy bar when I was nine and I loved it. It was exciting and thrilling and it was gleefully wrong.

drive-in -- I'm a regular at Bloomington's own Starlight Drive-in. The kids are as addicted as I am. Spring, summer, and fall on any Saturday night, you'll find us in the back of my old pickup truck, snuggled up in blankets, watching a drive-in movie.