why he is astro-bird...

GRRRRRR KACHUNKCHUNK GRRRR!       We call him astro-Bird because he lives in a tuna fish can under a crinkly, aluminum foil bubble-canopy...an intensive care unit, sort of. If I hadn't been here, Peter would have left him at the bottom of Peteland to get cold and pecked on and die. The last bird-baby who got kicked out of the nest ended up in our garbage disposal when I wasn't home. (I can still hear his beak getting ground up inside the In-Sinkerator even though I didn't actually hear it.)

Screeeeee       The good thing is that I WAS here, and Peter decided to humor me. He boiled the tuna fish can so it would be clean even though he pointed out that, had the bird NOT been ejected from his nest, he would have been raised in shit.

      About his spaceship...

pointy pointy

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