tuesday night and the food of dying birds...

      Astro-Bird hasn't eaten much all day, but he needs to if he's going to survive. He doesn't make a peep anymore, and his breathing seems really labored, but I could just be imagining it maybe. We are starting him on bird-baby formula. This is the food of brand new birds and sick, dying birds. In this case, astro-Bird may be both. The formula is a powder which is supposed to be mixed with hot/warm water and then fed to your bird with an eye dropper or part of a syringe. We need to get as many calories into astro-Bird as possible and as soon as possible so, like it or not, now we are pretty much forcing him to eat.

      I made sure the formula was nice and warm (but not too warm), and astro-Bird actually helped me feed him by swallowing once in a while. I had to be really careful not to block his airway. Once it was Peter's turn to feed him, I think his airway did get blocked or something else went terribly wrong because a giant blood vessel in the back of his neck got really big and red right before my eyes! I grabbed astro-Bird and sucked the food out of his mouth with my mouth. His food tastes kind of nasty. His weird blood vessel thing calmed down and he looked OK again...but very tired. Come to think of it, so am I.


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