the ejections...

It's a belly button. Did he jump, or was he pushed?

Just so you know, astro-Bird fell the equivalent of about six stories from a tall building onto a messy sidewalk below. Not once. Not twice. Four times. At first we thought, eh, no biggee. We'll just warm him up and put him back in the nest with his brothers and sisters and no one in the Peteland finch community will notice. We were stupid. Without a doubt, someone didn't want him around. Anyway, as I am an inney, I decided to put him in my belly button until we could figure out what to do next.

      I wondered how we could keep him safe and warm at the same time. I imagined cutting out one of the little cups from an egg carton, filling it with soft material, placing astro-Bird inside, then duct taping the whole thing under my chin, against my neck. I suggested this to Wes and Peter, and they frowned. Still, I have not ruled out that possibility. I guess the tuna fish can is OK for now.



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conceived, written, drawn, and nurtured by susan m. brackney
designed by wes modes
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