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An inside glimpse of the artist's workshop. This isn't your neat, clean, light and airy watercolorist studio. There are baby dolls hanging from bits of driftwood wedged in between found wooden boxes. There are toys and bits of rusty metal, panels off old computers, and old photos everywhere.

In the workshop, there are usually a half dozen works in progress (some with a gestation period of two years) and the sculptural equivalent of doodles here and there. Usually there is a Johnny Cash or Old Time music vinyl playing on the 50 year old record player.

Welding and sawing and routing and other loud, messy things are done in the yard outside under the giant redwood tree.

The workshop is multi-functional. Not only is it a studio and getaway, but it doubles as a now-and-then domino parlor and cardroom. Half of the workshop is shared with the Hobos From Hell office, from whence the trainhopping 'zine There's Something About a Train is published.

Visits to the artist's studio in Santa Cruz can be arranged. See new works and works in progress before they show. Contact Wes Modes to arrange a visit.

Wes Modes Santa Cruz, California USA 831.335.3109 wmodes_at_thespoon.com