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Artist Press

Clippings and Releases

The Death of Cork
Wine Spectator, decantor.com, various
2 October 2002
"Grahm commissioned Santa Cruz, California sculptor Wes Modes to create the corpse of corks, which would be the guest of honor in its casket in New York and San Francisco."
Wild, wild Wes Modes fires up Burning Man
Santa Cruz Sentinal
22 August 2002
"You will often see Modes in the back yard, or more accurately, his shadow thrown up in outsized dimension against the house by the light given off by his welding torch."
Now For Art Completely Different
Press Release
11 July 2002
Felix Kulpa Gallery Unveils Strange Sculpture Show

Wes Modes Santa Cruz, California USA 831.335.3109 wmodes_at_thespoon.com