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Times Square: A True Story by Howard Zinn
Story by Howard Zinn, Illustration by Wes Modes
Howard Zinn's personal account of a New York demonstration and police riot in the late 30's that left him with a life-long radical point-of-view.

Times Square A rather large PDF of about 2Mb.
Or get the print version suitable for making a sweet little comic zine (a huge 12Mb pdf)

Kent State
Story by Harvey Pekar, Illustration by Wes Modes
On May 4th, 1970 student anti-war protest in the U.S. came to an awful, bloody climax with the Iowa National Guard opening fire on protesting Kent State students.

Kent State A comfortably large and perfectly readable image file.

Washington, D.C. - November 15th, 1969
Story and Illustration by Wes Modes
Just before the membership went underground, the Weathermen were instrumental in this little known battle in which the anti-war movement went on the offensive. In November of '69, the Weathermen sponsored an attack on the Justice Building and several other targets in Washington, D.C.

Weathermen A comfortably large and perfectly readable image file.

The Good Ship Abandon: the story so far
Story and illustration by Wes Modes
The true story of three men (including the author) who build a raft out of trash and float more than a hundred miles on the perilous Missouri River, one of the fastest flowing rivers in North America. A work in progress.

Good Ship Abandon A rather large PDF of about 4Mb.
UPDATED 10 August 2006

Roseville Train Double Self-Portrait
illustration by Wes Modes
A self-portrait -- a double self-portrait actually -- based on old train-hopping photographs. For more train hopping info, check out my trainhopping info.

Roseville Train Self-Portrait A PDF of half a MB.
Here is a very sizeable TIF (about 12MB) for publication and publicity and stuff.

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