the gallery
a collection by wes modes

Without connecting people to people, the Internet isn't worth a whole lot. A bunch of machines up-on-high presenting static information to us little people down below. Here's what I'm trying to do: throw the monkey wrench of real human feelings and hopes and pain into the clean sterile machinery of the Internet.

Wes Modes Artist
Wes' Art

Industrial Whimsy and Found Art Sculpture
Ye Olde Art Sitte

Adventuring by Wes Modes

Hop a train, climb a building, explore underground!

The Spoon Storyteller's Cafe
the spoon

The Spoon memorial stands at the site of the old storyteller's cafe and the site ' of the new Spoon Cafe Journal.

Don't Die astroBird!
Don't Die astroBird

A true-to-life avian melodrama


This is a collection of stories that went out and hit the big time. They saw themselves in print and had their fifteen minutes of fame and are trying to stretch it out a bit longer through the perpetually hopeful Internet. To be honest, there are better stories that didn't make prime time, but you get what you get. How to sneak around, shoplifting 101, and the drive-in.

UPDATE: Head over to the newer, plusher, more elegant Spoon Portfolio.